How to Set Up an Apple Watch for a Relative Who Doesn’t Have an iPhone


You can use your iPhone to configure an Apple Watch for another family member, such as a child who does not own an iPhone. Here’s how to Set Up an Apple Watch for a Relative Who Doesn’t Have an iPhone.  An Apple Watch enables a youngster to call or message family and friends, as well as track health objectives.

They can also utilize Maps and Emergency SOS if necessary. While your child is wearing an Apple Watch, you can track their location. Additionally, your child can listen to Apple Music using Bluetooth headphones connected to their watch.

You can configure a family member’s watch using the Family Setup function, which is available in watchOS 7 and later.

There are a few prerequisites for this to operate. The most critical need is that your family member has a cellular-enabled watch; Apple Watches come in two flavors: GPS and GPS + Cellular.

Have an Apple Watch but not an iPhone? Here’s how to Set Up an Apple Watch for a Relative Who Doesn’t Have an iPhone.


  • Apple Watch Series 4 or later with cellular, or Apple Watch SE with cellular – a cellular plan is not required, but certain capabilities are unavailable without one.
  • Your iPhone must be at least the iPhone 6s and running iOS 14 or later.
  • You must have an Apple ID that supports two-factor authentication. Additionally, your family member must have an Apple ID. How to Create an Apple ID Without an Apple Device or a Credit Card may be found here.
  • Family Sharing must be configured with you as the organizer or parent. To learn how to set up family sharing, see How to Set Up Family Sharing.
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What you can Do with an Apple Watch without an iPhone

A family member who does not own an iPhone can make and receive phone calls and text messages. Additionally, they may share their whereabouts — a useful function for children using Apple Watches.

Because the family member’s Apple Watch will be managed via your iPhone, their watch will function similarly to how your own Apple Watch is configured via your own iPhone; much of the watch’s management will occur on the iPhone.

Certain functionalities are not available on an Apple Watch without an accompanying iPhone, and hence will not be available on a watch configured via Family Setup.

Features Available for a “Family Set-Up” Watch

  • The Apple Watch will have its own phone number if it is connected to cellular service.
  • Notifications of high and low heart rates – for users 13 years and older.
  • Fall detection – available to users 18 years and older.
  • Minutes to track fitness objectives – for users under the age of 13.

Apple Watch incorporates Apple Pay functionality. Several of these are readily available:

  • Apple Cash Family Is designed for individuals under the age of 18. Users can make purchases and send and receive money using Messages with Apple Cash Family.

Features not available for a “Family Setup” Watch

Apple Pay can be used in conjunction with credit or debit cards stored in the Wallet app. Purchases can be purchased exclusively with Apple Cash Family.

  • Apple Pay uses credit or debit cards from the Wallet app. Purchases can only be made using Apple Cash Family.
  • Health data sharing
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Irregular heart rhythm notifications
  • ECG
  • Cycle Tracking
  • Sleep
  • Blood Oxygen
  • Podcasts
  • Remote
  • News
  • Home
  • Shortcuts
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How to Set Up a Watch using Family Setup

Prepare your iPhone, Apple Watch, and the Apple ID and password for a family member. If the watch is not brand new, you must first delete it.

  1. Someone must activate the watch — either you or a member of your family. Keep the side button pressed and held down until the Apple logo shows.
  2. Maintain the Apple Watch’s proximity to your iPhone until you get a message on your iPhone that reads, “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch.” Continue by tapping.
  •   If you do not see the notification, open the Watch app on your phone and navigate to All Watches > Pair New Watch.

3. You will be prompted to “Secure Myself” or “Secure a Family Member.” Select “Family Member Setup.”

  • As directed, insert the Apple Watch into the frame and wait for a message indicating that the watch has been paired.

4. Position the Apple Watch inside the frame as instructed and wait until you see a message saying that the watch has been paired

  • If the camera on your iPhone is not functional, you can tap on “Pair Manually.”

5. Select Apple Watch Setup and then follow the on-screen prompts to:

  1. Create a passcode
  2. Choose a member of your family. Select a family member from the list or select Add New Family Member. Enter the Apple ID and password for that family member.
  3. Select Ask to Buy or Set Up Later.
  4. Establish cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  5. At this point, you’ll have the option of activating a variety of additional Apple Watch capabilities.
  6. Select whether or not to share your contacts with your Apple Watch. Go to Settings > [your name] (at the top) > iCloud on your iPhone. Verify sure the contact is activated.
  7. Create a passcode for the watch’s Screen Time feature. You may activate Schooltime. To begin using the watch, tap OK.
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