How to Reduce PDF Size on your Mac


This post will demonstrate how to compress a PDF file on your Mac. You may wish to compress your PDF files in order to minimize their size. Compressing your PDF files will save you storage space, which may be critical for you because many government agencies, for example, have a maximum file size limit for filed or submitted PDF documents.

Additionally, you may occasionally be unable to email huge PDF files because the maximum file size for most email clients is 20MB. This article explains two approaches that are completely free to use; no additional apps or services are required.

Learn how to reduce the size of a pdf document on a Mac, such as a receipt or a scanned image, with Preview and the PDF Examiner.

Use Preview to reduce PDF file

This is quite straightforward. Take the following steps:

1. Launch Preview on your Mac and open the PDF document. As you can see, the file is currently 3.3MB in size before being compressed.

2. In Preview, as seen below, click File and Export:

Reduce the Size of a PDF

3. Then pick PDF from the Format dropdown. And then click Save after opening the Quarts Filter menu and selecting Reduce File Size.

Reduce the Size of a PDF

4. And the resulting file size is 586 KB.

Use ColorSync

The strategy outlined above is sound and effective for the majority. However, you may dislike the results because of their poorer quality, especially if your PDFs contain a large number of photos. If you desire additional control, this is the option for you.

The good news is that you can use the ColorSync Utility to create bespoke Quartz Folders to meet your specific requirements. This is how:

  • On your Mac, launch ColorSync (Applications > Utilities).
  • Navigate to the Filters tab.
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Reduce the Size of a PDF

  • The built-in filters will be shown. Locate the “Reduce File Size” filter; we’ll copy it and tweak it. To duplicate an item, click the Duplicate icon.
  • The copy will appear in the “Custom Filters” section. It will read “lower File Size Copy,” and if you double-click it, you may rename it.
  • You will notice two distinct sections:

Sampling and Compression of Images

Modify these parts by clicking the arrow icons. You can change the image’s quality, resolution, and size, among other parameters. Additionally, you can change the image quality; you may choose to do so if you are dissatisfied with the image quality of your PDFs.

You can design numerous filters, each with a unique set of parameters. So that you can utilize any of them as needed. When finished, exit ColorSync.

These new filters will now appear when you export your PDF in order to compress it. Navigate to File > Export in your PDF. Choose your customized filter and click Save.

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