After the Monterey Upgrade, Email Contents not Loading


After upgrading to macOS Monterey, some users report that the contents of their emails do not display in Mail. Users who are afflicted by this issue can access their email previews in the sidebar, as well as the email headers, but the email body is empty.

Users can still access their mail using other devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs that have not yet been upgraded to Monterey.

Other mail applications and webmail services, such as iCloud, are unaffected. Users have reported that they can view emails older than one month, but not the contents of any recent emails.

According to some users, they get a notification indicating that such emails are part of a mailing list. After the Monterey Upgrade, some Mac users were experiencing “Email contents not loading” errors.

How to Fix Email Contents not Loading

It appears as though individuals who are experiencing this issue have anti-virus software installed. Antivirus software such as Avast or AVG Antivirus is highly recommended.


For one Avast user, removing the antivirus software resolved the issue. The suggested remedy is as follows:

  1. Remove Avast.
    1. To access System Preferences, navigate to the Apple menu > System Preferences.
    2. Select Network. Avast Security should be listed on the left. To choose it, click on it.
    3. At the bottom of the left-side column, click the minus sign; this will delete Avast.
    Restart your computer.
    2. Alternatively, in System Preferences > Network, you can disable antivirus functions.

AVG Antivirus (AVG is a subsidiary of Avast)

For one user, disabling AVG Antivirus’s Email Shield resolved the issue.

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Other Antivirus Software

Other antivirus software should be uninstalled according to the developer’s instructions.

More General Troubleshooting

If none of the above suggestions worked, you can try booting into Safe Mode to assist in narrowing down the source of the problem. Safe Mode will do the following tasks for you:

  • Prevents the loading of certain software. If the issue is with third-party software, it will not run in Safe Mode.
  • Conducts a disc check. Repair Disk is launched.
  • Deletes all cache files.

If you are able to access your email in Mail while in Safe Mode, the following are likely causes:

  • Third-party software, such as antivirus protection.
  • Corrupted system files.
  • Something else is wrong with your User Account.
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